Tuesday 8 March 2011

The People Leading the NRW Green Building Services Companies

The best way to get to know a business is - through the people representing it! Here are my personal portraits of four green building services companies that I accompanied to Ecobuild and on site visits. I was working for Europartnerships, helping with the NRW Mission to London 2011.

Martin Boehm, Boehm Elektrobau

Martin is the third generation director of Boehm Elektrobau. The company specialises in all aspects of electrical and communication technologies. Modestly describing himself as "an Electrician", his strength is in smart control technologies. These are essential in both newbuild and old buildings that are retrofitted for low or zero energy consumption. Reference projects in Germany include Porsche and the Igus factory in Cologne.

Eberhard Juengst, JOS Cleaning North

Company owner Eberhard was the most ebullient of the group. He enthusiastically described the company's patented low pressure vortex cleaning system, for building and other surfaces, at every opportunity. The process has been used on Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey in the UK, because it cleans thoroughly without abrading surfaces. With 80% of UK properties requiring energy efficient retrofits, there will be a lot of external surface restoration to be done too. He claimed poor English but wasn't afraid to use it - and showed that he was a better speaker than he thought

Franz Noll, Fugunternehmen Noll

Franz frequently works in close partnership with Eberhard. Specialising in mortar and joint repairs, his company is also qualified to work in more hazardous areas such as gas and electric power stations. Quiet at first, the glint in his eye revealed an active sense of humour. We were both proud of the way the phrase "My company specialises in the restoration and renovation of historic buildings" tripped off his tongue during introductions. On site visits, his keen eye spotted the thermal and water bridges that were giving the retrofitter's grief.

Andreas Zawierucha, Natural Interior Decoration

Andreas' expertise is in the skin of buildings, both internal and external. Whilst insulation and energy efficiency are obvious factors, I was interested in learning about another environmentally friendly part of his portfolio. He provides interior coatings based on natural plant and mineral products. They provide a greener living environment with great aesthetics, also allowing the walls to breathe. Andreas exudes an air of calm competence that underlines his years of experience culminating to his present status as a certified expert for ecological paintwork.

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NRW Mission Brochure at http://goo.gl/XbOOF

A project of NRW International.
Supported by the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Energy, Building, Housing and Transport of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.
Organised by Marie-Theres Luetje, Handwerkskammer Duesseldorf.
Realised by Mark Dodsworth & team, Europartnerships Ltd.

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