Thursday 19 June 2008

Men about Town with Pyjamas

Are you a cool pyjama man or, if a lady, do you prefer your man in boxer shorts in bed? The world of fashionable nightware became my professional interest early in June when I travelled to London to accompany Roland Sauer (Owner/director of Jado Menswear) and Jörk Unger (Marketing) on a variety of visits to potential clients and partners.

My colleagues from Jado understood English but wished to ensure that they had the best English communication with their UK partners, I was to be that communicator.

Our initial discussions culminated in the key phrase encapsulating their business “Jado; Quality, Flexibility and Reliability in delivering stylish nightwear to your customers”. By early afternoon, I was also able to deliver a 10 minute presentation without notes using a mnemonic that included amongst others, Cary Grant in a Mercedes wearing oversized pyjamas!

Day 1 included a trip to Warwick, day 2 was spent in London and taxed the physical stamina of the Jado delegates. Selected items from their current Autumn and Spring collections (from their in-house designer) filled two large suitcases that accompanied us to all our appointments. If it is one thing we learnt about the Underground system in London, it’s that there are a lot of stairs and not enough escalators and lifts.

Our hosts at each of the meetings made up for the tribulations with their courteous interest and time given; even where the collection was not relevant to one particular client, we benefitted from discussions on potential alternative markets and strategies.

As always, business trips detract too much from actually seeing the sights and Roland and Jörk promised to come back on their next trip to London with extra time on their hands to see more of the city itself. By stealing some time before meeting them and a late night in Westminster, I was able to at least give them a vicarious glance at one or two items missed (see photos at )

Though hectic, hot and at times intense, we made a good team and came away on a positive high from the two days with my broad overviews in English being supported by the detailed expertise of the others and of course by the high quality items on display.
If you want to know more about Jado, please do visit their site at .

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