Tuesday 14 October 2008

Internationally - the importance of local contacts

Being a small company has its advantages, such as flexibility and the ability to adapt to new opportunities as they arise. The disadvantage is that, if you try to do everything yourself, you can rapidly find yourself doing everything. The solution is partnership with like minded companies having complementary skills.

I already work closely with Europartnerships on international projects assisting visitors to the UK, bringing in Virtual Advantage to help with the volume of work in the UK and Come Across, based in Berlin for local German access.

Christa Friedrichs of Expand International is a welcome new partner to our collaborations! With her assistance, I am able to provide a local contact and personal face to Leipzig companies in a current project that we are working on. Telecommunications and internet allow us to communicate and ensure that the client companies are well looked after.

Christa is based in Leipzig, with three or more years experience of international assistance to German companies. With her background in Chemical engineering, I have the additional pleasure of knowing that I can talk science if need be!