Friday 4 March 2011

Help Catch a Covent Garden Bagsnatcher

An enjoyable last evening for our visitors to London before returning to Duesseldorf was ruined at a stroke when a bagsnatcher stole Miriam's bag. It contained cards, identity papers, mobile and other personal belongings. You can help!

Even just passing this message on could help find a link back to the thieves and remove one more piece of scum from our capital's streets. En masse, visitors to our shores spend £30bn here per year. However, I'm asking on Miriam's behalf, because we know how upset we would be in her situation.

We had a late lunch and chatted as a group of nine in Henry's Cafe Bar in Henrietta Street on Thursday 3rd March 2011. The group then moved on to a nearby pub, The Nag's head in Covent Garden. Miriam's bag was probably snatched in the evening when the pub was busy. If you are offered or find cards or German identity papers, personal items or anything else with the name Miriam P**********i, please, please send me the information at

One thief can affect hundreds of visitors directly and besmirch our reputation as news gets around. Doing nothing lets them get away with it!

Please contact me, at, if you can help catch the scum who stole Miriam P**********i's bag and personal possessions.

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