Thursday 1 October 2009

Designing the Delivery Management Website

Richard Wishart of Delivery Management is a good friend and networking colleague, with whom I've collaborated over the years.

As part of his continued interest in using online collaborative tools, Richard moved his company website to a Windows Office Life based server. He then gave me the challenge to utilise the site design facilities there and establish a basic framework that he could follow and use to grow his site.

The initial constraint was to use one of the existing wireframe templates. The colour scheme was suggested by the company logo. Since Richard and his company are forward looking and technology driven, the final top banner was the result of a desire to hint at wireless connectivity, via a broadcasting arial, and forward movement by releasing the logo's eagle to fly on.

The intrepid exploring eagle then became the leitfaden through the main images for the five different areas. Minor details such as curved corners reflecting current visual trends.

The site is a dramatic improvement over the initial basic functionality, with greater regularity and obvious underlying structure that the eye subconsciously detects. Most importantly, Richard appears to be happy with it, such that he has been confident enough to start populating it with content.

As a designer, I know there are always further improvements or alternatives! That said, the Windows Office Live platform provides a cost effective way for many to design a competent functional business site.