Friday 7 December 2012

Making a candle from a small orange

Small orange or citrus fruit, particularly the easy peel varieties, can be used to make a simple candle.
If you cannot see the flash slideshow, the images can be viewed here:

  • Take the fruit and cut the peel carefully around the equator, without damaging the flesh underneath.
  • With the handle of a teaspoon or a blunt table knife, carefully loosen the peel from the fruit flesh, so that each peel hemisphere is only attached at the centre.
  • Loosen the orange segments and then carefully remove the peel hemispheres.
  • In most cases, one hemisphere has a pith wick, this forms the candle base. Cut a circle or star out of the other hemisphere.
  • Cut the pith wick to just a centimetre length. Then pour some sunflower or other vegetable oil into the hemisphere with the pith wick and allow to soak for a minute or two.
  • Light the pith wick carefully, this may take several attempts as the pith carbonises and soaks up the oil.
  • Place the other peel hemisphere on top, Voila!

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