Sunday 8 July 2007

Telesales Tips from VELC Seminar

Friday began at an ungodly hour for me, at a breakfast meeting organised by Jo Morgans's Very Early Lunch Club. I'd been attracted to this meeting by Sureya Landini's short talk on Telesales. The key messages that I came away with were 1. that your attitude and posture when phoning are transmitted in your voice when you call and can have a real positive impact on your success and 2. that it is better to listen than talk!

Interestingly, there was an article in this weeks New Scientist "Why we are all Creatures of Habit" which included mention of studies that demonstrated that a persons success in a business or other transaction was less dependent on what they actually said, but on how they said it and their overall body language and could be accurately prediced within a matter of seconds. the broader tone of the article sparks a debate on whether we are actually creatures of habit and instinctive reactions and therefore extremely predicatable!

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