Sunday 8 July 2007

Seminar Writing for Promotional Purposes

Fridays educational theme continued with an HBN Seminar by Jon Beal of Netflare on Writing for Promotional purposes.

In the past Jon had directed me to Paul Gorman's book with an incredibly long title, which also dealt with this subject. i was therefore familiar and regularly use the 7 point strategy for writing copy:
  • Headline
  • Promise
  • Benefits
  • Proof
  • Consequences
  • Sumary
  • Call to action
The new gem that Jon gave us was a structured way for preparing to write good copy by identifying our customers and what products and services we were offering. This was done by identifying your customer type, their relationwhip with you/your product and the qualities that they would be looking for. By considering the possible scenarious and asking yourself pertinent questions, you could come up with responses that were of immediate use to your copywriting!

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