Thursday 28 June 2007

Speedwalking into business

Tony Blair had just left office and Brown was facing being the new Prime Minister as I arrived for a Boardroom Lunch at the invitation of UHY George Hay in Huntingdon. It was an eclectic mix of UHY Partners, clients and others brought together for a pleasant form of networking between businesses that might not otherwise have met.

Neil Parker was from the Greenwich Observatory Ltd, a company specialising in optical equipment from Telescopes to my particular interest, microscopes. pre lunch conversation swirled about the visibility of Venus by day to the glare of city night lights drowning out the stars.

Over the main course, Ken Barber of Capita Solutions Ltd and I swapped stories about the pleasure of meeting different businesses and learning the variety of mostivations that people have for running their own business. his company deals in financial solutions for companies unable to obtain funding from other sources and could prove useful for some of my overseas contacts should they wish to enter the UK market.

During the dessert course my quiet neighbour to the left, Peter Howard of Rayzel International Properties Ltd, revealed himself to be an ardent speedwalker and I learnt that the hip and bottom wiggling technique was passe and that a key requirement of the technique was to straighten the advancing knee before the foot touched the ground.

I had to leave early to meet with another future client, behind me a room still buzzing with conversation.

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