Wednesday 8 February 2017

The Schwarzenegger Effect

This intriguing little graph comes from the stats page of my BrexiTrumpDiary blog. The large peak in visitors to the site corresponds to the day after I posted by diary entry for the 2nd February. The entry was titled "Strand-Beests and Schwarzenegger Trumps".

Now, doing a Google search on Strandbeest crudely gives 335,000 hits. Schwarzenegger gets 43,000,000 hits and Trump gets a whopping 1,110,000,000 hits. Since many of my BrexiTrumpDiary  blog titles include 'Trump' without eliciting this strong response, it must be an Arnie effect. No doubt it was helped by the highly amusing war of words they had with Schwarzenegger's quip about swapping jobs so that we could all sleep safely again. This brought his name into the spotlight briefly.

My BrexiTrumpDiary articles are ticking along at about 50 to 60 visits per day*. The "Strand-Beests and Schwarzenegger Trumps" article only did 30% better with about 80 visits. However, all earlier posts also received a boost, which gave an accumulated peak.

The chart also seems to suggest that the interest came in several peaks following the publishing of the article. You can see the initial daily spike like a heartbeat for other posts. The "Strandbeests and Schwarzenegger Trumps" article has several peaks. Perhaps these correspond to news broadcasts in the UK and the US at key times that talk about the Schwarzenegger-Trump spat and are followed by online searches for "Schwarzenegger".

There is however another word that can have a longer lasting effect and has resulted in the most visited post to date on the blog, "Tweets and hot chocolate", with 104 hits.  I wonder what it is?

You can find my BrexiTrumpDiary here at  and work backwards. Alternatively, the January posts are collated in the Kindle version of "BrexiTrumpDiary Jan 2017" at, a snip at 99p!

*The Miltoncontact blog has been going for a number of years now and scores higher in visits to posts overall, with a couple of hundred to 1500+ reads. It may still not seem a lot, but people who check me out before or after meetings generally find them and do comment at later meetings.

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