Wednesday 5 October 2016

Steve Lockwood – Between the Tracks: Music Review

Steve Lockwood: Between the Tracks
Settling down for an afternoon’s book editing of a new publication, I thought I would play the CD by world renowned Harmonica virtuoso Steve Lockwood - Between the Tracks (2011) - as a cheerful background. What better, I mistakenly thought, than having a bouncy harmonica and vocals to while away the paragraphs scrolling before me.

It was all going swimmingly well, till track 6, Milonga. This rendition of Astor Piazolla’s original composition was transformed by Steve Lockwood and Demmy James into a haunting melody that immediately grabbed my ears by ears and shook my head to gain full undivided attention. The Harmonica sings above a base rhythm and a piano accompaniment that preys upon your mind with unexpected dissonances.

Track 8 is a beautiful harmonica acoustic rendition of George Gershwin’s Summertime. The ¾ time base and accompaniment give an additional pulse, lending an edginess or feeling of portent – a great interpretation. Again a production with Demmy James.

My concentration was again diverted to give full attention to the short acoustic guitar and harmonica duet simply called Intro 414 – one of Steve’s own compositions. Guitarist Chris Newman and Steve weave in and around each other in what I found simply a beautiful piece of music.

Musical taste is a highly individual thing – I am glad I bought the album, after my Harmonica Workshop with Steve Lockwood last weekend in St Ives, just for those three tracks, even if it reduced my work efficiency for this afternoon! Oh – the rest of the Album ain’t half bad either. In particular look out for the other collaborations with both Demmy James and Chris Newman.

You can sample all the tracks on the album Steve Lockwood: Between the Tracks and make up your own mind here:

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