Monday 9 January 2012

UK and Scotland replay EU and UK?

From World Economies Infographics

A plucky nation wants to go it alone from a larger union that it feels cramps its style.

Today it is Scotland versus the wicked Westminster Parliament of the UK, the latter angling to force a decision at a time that would be more in the unions favour than Scotland's. Just a month or so ago, the UK was playing the same role as Scotland against the Eurozone which was trying to push through its decision.

From the chart above it is apparent that, based on figures alone, Scotland's departure from the Union would not necessarily be fatal. After all, Scotland accounts for 1/10th of the UK in population, number of businesses and GVA.

Of course, politically and culturally it would be lethal - which Prime Minister wants to be the one at the breakup of the Union. Even worse - how do you face the Queen!

The UK leaving the European Union, as a more significant economy, trading partner and financial contributor would be traumatic too. However, when I listen to local radio again here in East Anglia, which as a region is at least equivalent to or even outperforms the Scottish nation, I bet there will be voices piping up to the tune of Flanders and Swans about the merits of the English ( and going it alone.

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