Wednesday 23 November 2011

Walk from Moorgate to Holborn, via The Armourers Hall, St Pauls demo and St Laurence Jewry

I visited London today, primarily to attend an OMFIF talk on the future of the International Financial System. The talk was held in the Armourers Hall where I also spent some time photographing the interior details that interested me.

After the meeting, I thought I would walk to Holborn to catch the Piccadilly line back to Kings Cross.I love the way that, especially in the City, old buildings and new are juxtaposed or integrated, so photographed a few on the way.

The route went through the Ward of Cheap, which seemed amusing after attending a finance meeting. However, the real old meaning of Cheap was Market. Cheap is one of the 25 wards in the City of London, each electing an Alderman, to the Court of Aldermen and Commoners (the City equivalent of a Councillor) to the Court of Common Council of the City of London Corporation.

The area is also rife with halls of the different livery companies.

A major stop was the church of St Lawrence Jewry where I photographed some of the modern stained glass.

I then diverted to St Pauls Cathedral as the last news had been that the protester's tent city that I had seen a couple of weeks back was to be cleared. However, when I arrived, the protest was still very visibly present! Asking a couple of bobbies, I learnt that the matter was back in the courts.

From there on it was a straight line walk to Holborn, taking one or two further pictures.

The route is roughly given here:

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This is one of four articles relating to a visit to London on 23rd November 2011:

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