Saturday, 20 November 2010

Hair raising book to leaf through online

I blame my wife! She came home with the comment " Someone sent a digital document to us today at work that you could leaf through like a book on screen. I though it might be an idea for you". Not just for me - HBN members might like to give it a try!

Cue detailed internet search, which finally hit gold when I found It is the equivalent of You Tube, but for publishers of books, magazines and catalogues.

  • You design your document in Word or as a PDF
  • Upload the document to Issuu
  • They convert it and store the document online
  • You can make the document public or privat
  • Embed the document to your site, blog and Facebook
  • You can e-mail a link to contacts
  • Specify whether visitors can download a PDF or not.

I prepared the photobook above that evening to test out the system and was impressed!
Below is a book version of the brochure I made for the German delegation mentioned in an earlier blog article.

If you have or are preparing a new brochure, book or catalogue - consider creating a Issuu version. Registration for the basic service is free - check it out at


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