Friday 13 August 2010

Perseid meteors and a Jupiter rising in Milton

Thank heavens for the clear skies between the showers of the day and the promised torrential downpours tomorrow. We wandered down beyond the last streetlight in Milton to the open fields by Fen road to look out for the promised Perseid meteor shower.
We were not disappointed, with five or six bright meteors and a number of fainter ones, often just registering as a hint on the eye.
Naturally, my camera never seemed to be pointing in the right direction, and always hit the quiet period whilst undergoing the minute long exposures! Added to that was the strong light from cars and trains at inopportune moments as I also tried to record the rise of Jupiter- it was as if fate was aligned against me!
Fortunately light banter by partner and daughter, and then later by the Coston's kept me sane through these interruptions.
Imagine therefore my delight when screening the photos to find two with clear, if faint, meteors racing through the sky against a backdrop of star streaks due to the long exposures.
What unexpected delights have you found on your photos when you looked at them on a larger screen?

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