Tuesday 6 April 2010

Meeting Ulrich at the Wonders of the Solar System Exhibition

I'd met Ulrich Heker as part of the NRW visit to the British Dental Association Exhibition in Glasgow (see Album) in 2009. He was part of a group looking at opportunities for German dental technicians in the the UK. He realised there was a gap in the UK knowledge of the precision methods for dental attachments used routinely in Germany and followed this up with a collaboration with Milton Contact Ltd. This went ahead in the form of educational articles for a number of UK and Irish dental trade magazines such as the GDP, the Technologist and Private Dentistry (see Publications).

Ulrich and I had been frequently corresponding via phone and e-mail but had not seen each other since last year. Therefore, when he heard that I was visiting NRW on holiday, he promptly invited me to meet up with him and Andrea, wife and business partner with Teeth 'R' Us. We opted for a day out with the option of cover as the April weather was thoroughly unpredictable; the Gasometer Oberhausen was hosting an exhibition of the wonders of the solar system that proved an ideal venue.

We met in glorious sunshine and promptly took the opportunity to ride in a glass elevator to the dizzy height of 110m, to the top of the converted gasometer, for some glorious views! Returning inside to the exhibition proper, we were initially blind in the near darkness until our eyes adapted to the excellent displays. Unfortunately for our partners, we had both come armed with cameras and were battling with the low light conditions as we vied for best place at the exhibits. We did return to socialise over a well earned meal at the nearby CentrO and avoided talking too much shop for most of the time. When you go there, do follow Andrea's tip to visit the Mövenpick icecream stand.

I've included some of my pictures here in a friendly attempt to beat Ulrich to it and am now looking forward to his excellent and different photo interpretations of our successful and very enjoyable meeting.

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