Friday 12 February 2010

Successful Global Trade Network meeting

It was quite refreshing to go to a networking event dedicated to international trade for regional companies. Even more so as the Global Trade Network is a free network run by volunteer business people, without any other agenda.

Forty or more companies turned up, most of them experienced in at least some international trade, to listen to Chris Jarvis's "Back to Basics" and an entertaining non scientist Nick Tait, talking about his science based company Syrris and it's lesson's learnt whilst penetrating international markets.

A bit jarring were poor Mike getting an earful about the UK Technology logo, (it is not the most inspiring of designs - see top left in document here) and some people talking at the back of the room whilst the presentations were going on. Rude? or am I just turning into a grumpy old man.

The networking afterwards was great, helped by the excellent buffet. It was good to chat to companies as diverse as quality vegetable seed producer Pro-Veg Seeds or XJTAG, a debugging software and hardware provider.

From past experience of organising international events or participating in them, I look forward to future meetings where we companies with international connections can share our expertise. Make sure you don't miss the next event by visiting The Global Trade Network site.

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