Wednesday 1 July 2009

Cambridge Open Studios Countdown Diary Wed 1st July

Absolutely exhausted after a productive day getting the garage sorted out as a studio with the excellent help of Alex and Louise. We first had to mount 10 boards to the walls to act as hanging surfaces, the routine developed as follows.

Alex "The Rock" would hold the 1.9m x 0.6m board in position. I would first drill through the board and into the masonry with a small 4mm drill. Then the holes in the wall were enlarged to fit rawplugs. The Board would be positioned and Louise "Muahahahahahahahahaha!" would use the power screwdriver to fix the board. Then the routine would start over again. We finished mid afternoon.

Then came the painting of the the boards which took till about 5:30, with Louise and I sharing the work.

The finished area looks really professional and we are all physically exhausted.

Picture hanging planned for tomorrow!

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