Tuesday 9 June 2009

Tweets from the NRW Mission trip to the British Dental Association Annual conference

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Below is a collection of the tweets I made as a result of meeting people at the British Dental Association's Annual Exhibition in Glasgow and comments from the fantastic Dental Technicians in the fact finding delegation from North Rhine-Westphalia I was supporting.

The number of hits on links within the Tweets ranged from 9 to 32, with most averaging at about 19 - 20 hits. The statistics revealed that the responses peaked within 24 hours and that half of the visitors were from the US, followed by the UK. I use www.bit.ly to shorten links and they provide the simple statistics as part of the service.

Tweeting from glasgow flyer bus on way from airport to station - assisting German delegation for rest of week in Glasgow

At German NRW stand with Ulrich of Teeth R Us and Reinhard of Helbig Dental GmbH, awaiting the masses at stand D35

Ulrich is the affable owner of a dental laboratory wih a sense of humour and a real interest in working with dentists http://bit.ly/tm23c

Ulrich thoroughly recommends the dentists version of Bohemian Rhapsody at http://bit.ly/Q14Fi !!

Roger Fangemann has already learnt the the UK dental market is not so different from the German one! Theyre like local partners

Reinhards speaking to two young dentists about to set up a practice who liked the cost effectivity of telescope prosth. http://bit.ly/4qWWYJ

Dental crowns do not need to be implanted deeper than 6mm, so why do dentist use longer pins? http://bit.ly/VwyT6

is small beautiful with dental stands at the BDA or does it actually limit what visitors can learn comments Gerd http://bit.ly/SkZrZ

Jaw alignment with Herbst appliances is a real attractant at the BDA when chatting at different stands, see http://bit.ly/vHR7S

DPAS provide dental plans for patients who want affordable dental treatment with their dentists http://bit.ly/12pZQA

BOS represents every orthodontist and their technicians and nurses in UK, lobbying and eduction http://bit.ly/JXwCM

BDPMA help busy stressed dental practice managers run their dental businesses more successfully and profitably http://bit.ly/GfpNi

Excellence in total personal improvement by combining dentistry and cosmetic surgery in one practice http://bit.ly/lUbNG

It is important to know your personality type so that you can communicate effectively with others http://bit.ly/9iRh8

Gathering of great dental minds following a long Scottish dental tradition, says Henry of Raconteurmedia http://bit.ly/HNNuu

A dentist in every doctors practice? That's our business! Toothcare - http://bit.ly/DC19S

The young dentists are so enthusiastic when visiting Genix, says Sian http://bit.ly/Jvu1G

I'ts heartening to see so many seminars focussing on the patients experience at the BDA conference http://bit.ly/3lafpX

looking forward to review of NHS dental Health services undertaken by Jimmy Steel http://bit.ly/YWaS

The Scots are a courageous people who always try to make the best of it! German General Consul Moessinger http://bit.ly/2mhfM

The 50th anniversary of a German diplomatic presence in Edinburgh (General Consul Moessinger) http://bit.ly/2mhfM

"I loved meeting and interacting with the dental professionals at the BDA" says Acasha http://bit.ly/19qWgw

Dentistry with another dimension - Join the Airforce! http://bit.ly/LQf12 http://digg.com/u14uoh

“I enjoyed the visit to the Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry in Glasgow” Okyay Oeztugran, http://bit.ly/aPOQU

“I've seen many interesting business ideas during th BDA conference for my clinic in Germany” Okyay Oeztugran, http://bit.ly/aPOQU

“It was a perfectly organised trip! Good insight into the British dental market. Friendly and open people” Roger Fangemann

“A top organised trip to scotland with a very interesting Exhibition visit” Gerd Joyeux http://bit.ly/SkZrZ

“Finally a big dental market that needs to be developed for telescope technology” Gerd Joyeux http://bit.ly/SkZrZ

“A very interesting trip to Scotland that was well organised and informative” http://bit.ly/vHR7S

“I was able to get a good insight into the Scottish dental market” Roland Volkhardt http://bit.ly/vHR7S

“Useful visit at the Scottish dental exhibition in Glasgow” Christian Froesch http://bit.ly/2KiS5

“You don't have to be a tooth fairy to shrink your dental bill!” Hildegart Hass-Stoetzel http://bit.ly/158IK4

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